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This rare English surname arises from two sources: 1. a parish in Hampshire, Colmore or Colmer; 2. from the township of Colemere, Ellesmere parish, in Shropshire. It is locational, thus it arises from a family who lived at one of the aforementioned places. The name first appears in connection with a family in Hampshire who had. many appointments in the church and court. This family appears to have settled on the name Colmer early on. All latter bearers of this name hail from Ellesmere. Colemere township is named after a mere of the same name, which is surrounded by several other meres. This place was named Colesmere in Domesday and Colmer in the Lay Subsidy of 1332. The etymology typically given for this place is that it derives from a personal name, such as the Old English, 'Culă' and the Old French, 'mere', for lake. An alternative is that Col-is derived from the Old French, 'Col', meaning 'neck', in reference to a geographical feature, such as a wood or river. The former is more likely, as early renderings favour with Cul-. The manuscripts of the Duke of Portland record this place in 1643: "the enemye tooke the feild and encamped uppon yesterdaye seven ight all night in the feild neere Culmeere aboute the middway betwixt Ellesmyre and Wem". The earliest instances of the Ellesmere family date from the late 13th century. The name is not mentioned in the Lay Subsidy of Shropshire, 1332.

  • 1155. Hugo de Lacy de Colemere, Shropshire: Cartulary of Haughmond Abbey
  • 1197/8. 'Peter de Colemere, Occ. as canon', Chichester: Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae
  • 1227. 'Peter de Colemere, to live in Montgomery Castle': Antiquities of Shropshire
  • 1235. John de Colemere, chamberlain of London: Calendar of Patent Rolls
  • 1241. 'Hawise de Hopton gives half a mark for having a precipe [to remove a plea] against Roger of Colemere', Walsingham, Suffolk: Fine Rolls, Henry III.
  • c. 1250. Hen. de Colemor: Antiquities of Shropshire
  • 1252. Sir John de Colemere: Calendar of Papal Registers
  • 1268. 'Item In expense of the same from the Decollation of St John the Baptist up to the feast of All Saints and of John de Colemere by portions and of other visits by portions': Account of Stubbington.
  • 1291. Johanne de Calmore, Worcestershire: Liber Feodorum, part 2.
  • 1298. 'John, son of Simon de Colesmere, appears as a purchaser in Astley from Simon del Hay': Antiquities of Shropshire
  • 1327. Nich'o de Colemor, of Kynefare: Staffordshire Lay Subsidy
  • 1367. William de Colmor (Shropshire): Charters & Muniments of the Lyttelton Family
  • 1399-1400. 'William Godberd de Shrewsbury to Richard Culmere Webbe. 22 to be paid next Pentecost.'; an earlier record refers to him simply as 'Richard Culmere of Shrewsbury': Recognizances (Shropshire Archives)
  • 1578. 'His wife Florence survived and married Richard Colmer at Sallop 20 October 10 Elizabeth': Inquisition Post Mortem
  • 1630. John, s. of Andrew Culmeere, baptised, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1654. Richard Thomas and Elianor Coulmer, married, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1662. Hugh Griffith & Ellenor Coolmar, married, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1690. Richard, s. of William Coolimer, baptised, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1694. David Colmer, baptised, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1699. Richard Hawkes and Mary Coolmer, married, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1704. David Jones and Elizabeth Colemere, married, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1713. Edward, s. of Edward Colemer, baptised, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1725. William, s. of Thomas Colemare, baptised, Ellesmere, Shropshire: Parish Registers
  • 1832. Edward Colemere, Gentleman of Saint Pancras, Middlesex: PCC Wills

In reference to the above Peter de Colemere and his connection with Montgomery Castle, it should be noted that there is a seat, sometime the residence of the Whittingham family, called Court Colmer (now Court Calmore) in Montgomery Parish.

— David Hopkins, written: 2012-2014

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