Edinburgh Advertiser (1771-1829)

Fully searchable early editions of the Edinburgh Advertiser. Contains some personal and family notices, but more useful for business and legal notices.

Dunfermline Journal (1851-1931)

Fully searchable database covering a 80 year run of a Fife newspaper. Contains notices on births, marriages, deaths, wedding anniversaries, personal achievements, and legal proceedings

Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser (1848-1862)

A newspaper recording on (among other topics) births, marriages & deaths, sports, shows, shipping and business news in the Ulverston area.

The Tewkesbury Yearly Register and Magazine (1830-1849)

A yearly magazine that contains a profuse amount of birth, marriage and death notices; and details on local affairs.

West Wales Historical Records (1911-1927)

Various volumes of The Historical Society of West Wales' journal, which include transcripts, indices and abstracts of numerous records such as hearth tax returns, parish registers, marriage licences and wills.

Channel Islands Monthly Review (1941-1945)

A newspaper published for those who escaped from the German occupied Channel Islands during WWII. It contains reports on the military front on the islands, with details on persons deported to Germany; obituaries; birth, marriage & death notices and general news of interest to former islanders. The newspaper is fully text searchable.

Aldershot Military Gazette (1859-1870)

Deceptively titled, this newspapers is much the same as any other local rag, containing local news, family notices, adverts etc.

Cobbett's Weekly Political Register (1802-1836)

Essentially a collection of lengthy, early political columns on any number of topics. The columns have a focus on political reforms.

Cornishman (1878-1950)

A newspaper including local news, family notices etc. from across the county of Cornwall.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph (1877-1946)

A newspaper covering news and family notices in the Dundee area. The paper was also a mouthpiece for those seeking political reforms.

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