Directories & Gazetteers

A Topographical Dictionary of England (1831)

A dictionary containing description, statistics and lists of important inhabitants of over 30,000 places in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The Dunfermline Register (1829-1859)

Fully searchable database for selected years of a specialised directory covering Fife. It gives details on the leading members of localities, such as nobility, clergy, government officials, MPs and public servants. Further details are given on local events, organisations, transport timetables and price lists for produce.

Holden's Annual London and Country Directory (1811)

An alphabetical directory to London & county town's businesses & private residents, with occupation and residence. Also includes brief descriptions of hundreds of towns supplemented by lists of leading private and commercial residents.

History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devon (1890)

Historical and statistical descriptions of settlements in Devon, supplemented by lists of leading residents and businesses.

Somersetshire and Bristol Directory (1889)

A trade, geographic, administrative, legal and descriptive account of Somerset & Bristol in 1889.

Slater's Directory of the Northern Counties (1855)

Descriptions of settlements in Durham, Northumberland, and Yorkshire with lists of their leading private and commercial men.

Derbyshire History, Gazetteer, and Directory (1857)

Historic, geographic, economic, governmental and ecclesiastical overview of Derbyshire.

History and Directory of Northumberland (1855)

Historic, geographic, economic, governmental and ecclesiastical overview of Northumberland.

Oliver & Boyd's New Edinburgh Almanac (1853)

A publication providing information on commerce, agriculture, law, government and the church in and around Edinburgh.

History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Lincolnshire (1856)

Notes on the history, geology, people of note and businesses in Lincolnshire.

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