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Rutland Lay Subsidy 1296

The following transcript details households taxed based on the value of their estate in the county of Rutland. Alsthorpe Ashwell Ayston Barrowden Belton Bisbrooke

Posted by: David Hopkins on 18 Feb 2014

World Surname Distribution Maps

Forebears are currently developing an extension to the existing surname distribution map facility, which can be accessed by conducting a surname search. At current the

Posted by: David Hopkins on 28 Nov 2013

Shropshire Parish Registers to be Published

Shropshire Archives is currently in the process of securing a contract with a third-party to make available digital images of over 3,300 Church of England and non-conformist

Posted by: David Hopkins on 26 Nov 2013

Records Relating to the Barony of Kendale

Transcriptions and abstracts of documents relating to parts of Westmorland. They include records relating to roads, bridges, religion, taxation etc.

Filed under: Court & Legal on 18 Dec 2013

Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities

A dictionary of nearly 4,000 terms found used in documents relating to trade and retail in early modern Britain.

Filed under: Reference on 18 Dec 2013

A Dictionary of London

A dictionary of streets and other places in The City.

Filed under: Directories & Gazetteers on 18 Dec 2013


This surname is derived from Shropshire, an inland county bordering Wales. Holders of the surname will be descendants of someone who lived in the county. The original (pre-Norman) name for the country was Scrobbesbyrigscir, named for its seat ...

Prevalent in: Eccleshall, Staffordshire


YORSTOUN, Yorston, Yourston, Yorkson: An old surname in the parish of Corstorphine, Edinburgh, where a family of this name held the land to the east of the village known as ‘Yorkstounis.’ William Yorstoun and James Yorkstoun were burgesses ...

Prevalent in: Evie and Rendall, Orkney


YELTOUN: A surname recorded in Lanarkshire. Perhaps a variant of Youlton in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Thomas leiltoune in record at Wistoun, 1601, Jean Yuiltoun in Ampherlaw, 1631, John Yeltoun in Westhilles, parish of Dolphingstoune, ...

Prevalent in: Harrington, Cumberland