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A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales

A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales was published in four volumes in 1835, compiled by James Bell. It is one of the earliest comprehensive historical and

Posted by: David Hopkins on 25 Nov 2014

Waton's Almanack & Wilson's Dublin Directory

The following is a list of the The Gentleman and Citizen's Almanack and Wilson's Dublin Directory available online. Copies of earlier editions can be purchased from Amazon,

Posted by: David Hopkins on 18 Nov 2014

World Surname Distribution Maps Beta

Forbears have released a new mapping facility that plots the incidence of surnames throughout the world. The data has been compiled from a database of 1,587,475,724 people,

Posted by: David Hopkins on 15 Sep 2014

Criminal Registers

An index to over 515,000 names listed in criminal registers, which have been digitally reproduced. Numerous details are included, such as age, occupation and details of crimes. Includes records for prison ships, the Central Criminal Court, Home Office trials, the Metropolitan Police and the Prison Commission.

Filed under: Court & Legal on 24 Nov 2014

Shropshire Baptisms

A searchable database of 1,159,976 records, linked to original images of baptism registers. The records provide proof of parentage, occupations, residence and other details.

Filed under: Birth & Baptism on 24 Nov 2014

Censuses of Ireland

An index to several million names in records delineating families and including important personal details, such as religion, occupation and place of birth.

Filed under: Census & Population Lists on 24 Nov 2014


The origin of the name comes from Anschetil who took his name from his manor of Houby, Leicestershire in the 11th century and became de Houby. It was phoneticised in the 14th century to Juby. In the United States there exists an unrelated family ...

Prevalent in: Ipswich, Suffolk


The Timewell surname, in common with many English surnames that end in -well, refers to a someone who lived near a well where (in this case) THYME bushes grew. Early spellings (easily found, especially in Devon records) were Tymewell; before ...

Prevalent in: Halifax, Yorkshire


This surname is derived from the parish of Chelmorton, Derbyshire. Its bearers gained the surname on account of living there and were minor land-owners. As the concentration of the family moved to Lancashire by the 16th century, the rendering ...

Prevalent in: Manchester, Lancashire